We are driven by Innovation and Creativity.

Yong Engineering Software House

We heavily take weight in creativity and innovation as we believe they are the key to success. There's no reason to strive and fight in the red ocean when we can create new markets and together be beneficial.

Living the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Turning creativities and ideas into new values of tomorrow.

Be Transparent

Be transparent, honest, and direct; hinder from shenanigans.


We believe an individual's creativity and capability is at all times limited. Hence, collaboration is the contribution to innovation and create remarkable outcomes. We back up each other.

Live and Learn

Every experience is the ability to learn and grow. Learning is a counteractive reaction to problems and opportunities.


Everthing is impermanent and everyone has something to offer.


Be caring, thoughtful, motivated, enthusiasm, and determination who take pride in success and recover quick and well from failures. We inspire each other.


We are passionate on what we do besides being passionate about people and business.