Our Projects

Some of our clients include:

  1. Custom Website + Custom CMS (Completed in 2014)
    Facebook Web Apps integration
    Web App Storyboard (Completed in 2015)
    CRMS (In Progress)

    IME co-operates with local and oversea highly qualified and experienced specialist plastic surgery team. Hence IME is dedicated to providing their customers the answers and advices about beauty, healthy and slimming question. Their MISSION is to bring their customers close to perfect and with VISSION of providing them an accurate information and solution about beauty.

  2. Custom Website + Custom CMS (Completed in 2014)
    Website Redesign (In Progress)
    Mobile Web (In Progress)

    Cheah Brothers Engineering and Trading was established since 1982. They are specialised in metallizing (thermal spray), welding, and machining for light and heavy industries.

  3. MIS (In progress)
    Mobile App (In Progress)

    C.M.I. Organisation (M) Sdn. Bhd. (registered no. 60912-M) is a collaborate multinational investment company incorporately under the Companies Act 1965 on July 31, 1980. Since 1980, C.M.I. Organisation has served the right arm of successful small & medium sized Malaysia business, with a wide range of network from local to abroad businesses, apart from concerning the government projects. Now infusion of the second generation, C.M.I. Organisation strives to maintain the company's high standards.

  4. Malaysia Tourist Guide Coucil
    Johore TGA
    Kuala Lumpur TGA
    Pahang TGA
    Labuan TGA
    Selangor TGA
    Sarawak TGA
    PBB Sabah
    Terengganu TGA
    Perak TGA
    Melaka TGA
    Langkawi TGA
    Putrajaya TGA
    Kedah TGA

    Launched in Jan 2016
    Dynamic Custom Website + Custom CMS
    E-booking System
    Booking Management System
    E-member System
    Advertising Management System
    Course Enrolment Management System
    File Management System
    Email/SMS Bulking System

    Each TGA (Tourist's Guide Association) has its personal design where theme can be set via CMS.

    Administrator Login View

    Each TGA (Tourist's Guide Association) manages their contents and data separately.

  5. Launched in December 2014
    Custom Website + Custom CMS
    E-learning Portal
    E-member System
    Internal Subscription Management System

    Professional Automotive Technician e-Skill (AC0008785-H), abbreviation of ProAtec e-Skill, which is currently established in September 2014, is under the flagship of TOP DIVERSIFIED SDN BHD (335565-M). Their main focus is developing and enhancing e-learning portal with current and latest information about automotive.

We are also involved in:

Perak Automobile Workshop Owners’ Association
Website + CMS + Web App

Website + Web App
Tuition Management System

E-booking System

Customer Management System

Order Processing (Supply Chain) + Accounting System

Inventory + Supply Chain System

Warehouse & Service Deployment System

Wan Poa

Remitance System